What is the JT Machinima Cohort Program?

What is the JT Machinima Cohort Program?

The funky fresh and totally dope dudes (I’m probably dating myself here, right?), Skull and Pat, of JT Machinima just dropped a bomb of awesomeness on us and announced their latest attempt at supporting and gaining exposure for not only the fledgling genre of video game-based hip-hop music, but some of the talented artists within it with their new Cohort Program!

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How to Add Memory to your Xbox One or PS4

How to Add Memory to your Xbox One or PS4

Chances are, at some point after picking up a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, you’re going to want more storage and fortunately for you, console developers weren’t so short sighted and have given gamers the ability to expand their system’s storage and get more precious space (although the Xbox One has made it quite a bit easier than the PS4) – still, it’s quite doable on both systems. How you’ll do it depends on your console of choice. Here’s a brief summary of how to do it along with some videos to watch:

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Gamers' Reading List

Gamers Reading List

So, as gamers, we obviously love playing video games, right? Duh! There’s nothing like actively taking on a role in another fanciful world, blasting away baddies or solving crimes while jumping around like a ninja for fun and profit. On the rare occasion when we finally put down the controller, we don’t have to stop enjoying our favorite pastime. For as long as the industry has been around, there have been people writing books that expand upon established video game worlds, are based directly on a specific game and tie in to it, or are totally original works that include aspects of gaming and gaming culture in them.

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Best South Korean Films

It’s hardly surprising that South Korean movies are becoming more popular across the globe. They are lively and intense character driven narratives that can offer the discerning viewer a refreshing change from the formulaic scripts of Hollywood films. South Korean cinema has something for every movie taste – romance, horror, suspense, comedy, fantasy – and in some cases, all of them at the same time. If you’ve never watched a South Korean film, here is my list of movies that I consider “must see” that should give you a better appreciation of the edgy and exciting storytelling of South Korean filmmaking:

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Best K9 Companions in Games

Best K9 Companions in Games

For time immemorial, dogs have been considered the tried-and-true companions of man – justly earning the moniker, “man’s best friend”. Never has this been more evident than in video gaming.  Oftentimes, canines make better player companions than actual human beings with their ferocious nature and unwavering loyalty. Being relatively simple creatures doesn’t seem to hold them back and most gamers would agree that these fine furry friends are easy to understand, fun to have around, and great company for the long road ahead.

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Games that Need an HD Remake for Current Gen

So now that it’s been a year and the next-generation consoles Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are firmly fixed as the current-generation with their blazing performance and unbelievable high-definition graphics. But what if we apply that power and HD graphics to our favorite games of yesterday? The answer to that question got me to thinking what games would I upgrade if I could only pick five? Here is my list of the Games that Need an HD Remake for Current Gen systems:

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Best Video Game by Decade

Best Video Game by Decade

The term “video game” is defined as “an electronic game that involves human interaction with a user interface to generate visual feedback on a video device”. When people hear the words, it seems to conjure different meanings for individual people depending on their game playing backgrounds. Despite what people may think when they start talking about video games, they’d be surprised to learn that they have, in one form or another, been around a long, LONG time – almost seventy years!

Over this rich and long history, we have been blessed with some truly awesome, genre-defining titles that have left an indelible mark in video game history. I wanted to create a definitive list of the very best most influential game titles across all types of video games from each decade going back all the way to the beginning. So let’s take a walk through video game history and explore the Best Video Games of the Past Seventy Years:

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