JT Machinima

Established in January 2009, JT Machinima was originally formed for Skull and Pat to stay in touch and create cool content.   After the completion of “The Greatest Ever,” Pat uploaded the video to Machinima.com’s website.  Days later they were informed by a friend that they saw “The Greatest Ever” on YouTube and that it had nearly 40,000 views.  Both Skull and Pat were shocked, but pleasantly surprised and decided to make another music video.  The “World at War Rap” followed and was met with better results than “The Greatest Ever.”  From here, Machinima.com offered the two a contract to create content for their YouTube channel.

Over the last eight years the pair has made video after video covering every game imaginable.  They have received praise from top developers as well with PopCap, BioWare, Treyarch and Visceral Games. After an good five years with Machinima, INC.,  JT Machinima went into a more independent route and signed onto a network with Broadband TV Corp. The future holds a lot of promise for JT Machinima as Skull and Pat seek to solidify and grow their brand.


Patriot Still

A Maine native now living in the state of North Carolina, Skull (Christian) is 26 years old and has always lived to create.  Skull went to school at Ithaca College in New York and graduated with a degree in Film. He is the music side of JT Machinima creating all his beats from scratch using Logic Pro.   He also records, mixes and writes all the lyrics to the songs.  Currently he is devoting himself to JT Machinima full time and delivering hit after hit for all of their followers.

Skull is the T in JT. The T stands for Timothy, which is his actual first name.  The handle, Skullkruncher13, originated from an attempt of having a cheesy cliche gamertag.


civil warPat (John) also hails from Maine and grew up with Skullkruncher13 as friends.  In 2007, Pat relocated to Raleigh, North Carolina and finished his schooling their.  After this distance was put between the two, they decided to collaborate to stay in touch (thus JT Machinima was born).  Pat graduated from UNC Wilmington with degrees in Film and Business in 2014.  He is the visual and business side of JT Machinima creating the music videos, running all the channels and growing the JT Machinima brand.

Pat is the J in JT. The J stands for John.  The handle, Patfan8326, originated from Pat’s die hard fandom of the New England Patriots.






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  1. Now I get where the JT came from I knew it had to do with names

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