What is the JT Machinima Cohort Program?

The funky fresh and totally dope dudes (I’m probably dating myself here, right?), Skull and Pat, of JT Machinima just dropped a bomb of awesomeness on us and announced their latest attempt at supporting and gaining exposure for not only the fledgling genre of video game-based hip-hop music, but some of the talented artists within it with their new Cohort Program!

What exactly does all of that mean? Well the Cohort Program at its heart is the guys at JT Machinima bringing talented video game hip-hop music artists and their new content to the JT Machinima YouTube channel to diversify their own offerings in the same music genre.  They’ve be kicked off the new program with three artists, the first of which will be DefMatch.

What is the JT Machinima Cohort Program?

DefMatch is the newest of the cohorts in the program and specializes in gamer-core hip-hop rap videos based on video games. JT Machinima is hoping to gain more exposure for Defmatch, grow his brand, and get him the recognition he deserves in the industry.

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Next up will be Rockit Productions. While a relatively new channel, Rockit Productions is the brainchild of Russell from the well-known band Borderline Disaster which specializes in producing video game inspired rock music. Russell, a talented musician and producer, has launched Rockit Productions to offer similar video game inspired rock music but for clients as a business venture.  

What is the JT Machinima Cohort Program?

TeamHeadKick will round out the trio. TeamHeadKick are legendary in this genre of music, having created it back in 2007 when they began making video game related music. Since then, hundreds of artists have followed in their footsteps.

What is the JT Machinima Cohort Program?

Speaking of them, Skull and Pat assure us that this new melding of content won’t affect their putting out their own content – they’ll continue to produce new game rap videos but you may not see as much re-uploaded content as you did before. What you WILL get is fresh new content from these awesome cohorts and that combined with their own new releases should guarantee a steady stream of killer game rap videos on a weekly basis. They’ll be lining up additional cohorts as the program goes on. We’re looking forward to seeing who they get lined up next!



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