How to Add Memory to your Xbox One or PS4

Chances are, at some point after picking up a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, you’re going to want more storage and fortunately for you, console developers weren’t so short sighted and have given gamers the ability to expand their system’s storage and get more precious space (although the Xbox One has made it quite a bit easier than the PS4) – still, it’s quite doable on both systems. How you’ll do it depends on your console of choice. Here’s a brief summary of how to do it along with some videos to watch:

PlayStation 4

Sony’s PlayStation 4 includes a 500 GB internal drive. Unlike the Microsoft’s Xbox One console, Sony doesn’t allow you to connect an external drive to your PlayStation 4 via a USB cable. However, you can actually upgrade the internal drive – this sounds worse than it actually is and anyone with reasonable motor skills (you’re a gamer, right? So this shouldn’t be a problem) can do this quite easily and Sony even offers official instructions to do it. The procedure involves removing the internal 500 GB drive and installing a new drive in its place. Sony uses standard 2.5-inch (laptop-size) SATA drives for this so finding a replacement is easy.
How to Add Memory to your Xbox One or PS4

You can pick up a standard mechanical drive (HDD) and swap it out to get many terabytes of glorious storage space or you could pick up a solid-state drive (SSD) instead, paying more for the privilege of speeding up disk access and loading times (in theory) on your PS4 at the cost of less space than a comparably priced HDD. This may not be as good an idea as it sounds on paper as it’s generally been found to only produce small performance boosts over using an HDD which may not be worth the extra expense.

Sony provides official instructions for upgrading a PlayStation 4’s hard drive (click here). Buy a larger drive (make sure it’s the correct 2.5-inch physical size) and follow the official instructions to get more storage space on your PS4.

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Xbox One

The Xbox One also includes a 500 GB internal drive. You can’t upgrade the internal drive, but as of now you can connect an external drive via USB.

The Xbox One uses a fairly slow SATA II internal drive, which means that getting a fast USB 3 external drive can vastly speed up your game load times. Yes, that external drive can almost certainly be faster than your console’s internal one. Any external drive you connect must support USB 3.0, and must be over 256 GB in size. Microsoft allows you can connect up to two external drives at once making for an extremely robust and spacious storage system! Buy an appropriately high-capacity USB 3.0 external drive, plug it in via USB, and your Xbox automatically help you set everything up. Easy-peasy!

How to Add Memory to your Xbox One or PS4

If you connect an external hard drive that only supports USB 2 or that is under 256 GB in size, your Xbox One won’t allow you to install games or save game files to it but you can, however, gain read access to any music and video files stored on the drive for playback.

Reference How-To Videos

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