Best PC Boutique Builders

The average person is likely to purchase their PC’s from the more mainstream vendors such as Dell or Lenovo. However, power users who want something more — or who have very specific ideas of what they want without the time to actually build it themselves — may turn to smaller, independent vendors who can accommodate high-performance, individually designed systems. These vendors are popularly known as boutique builders. Here is my list of some of the best PC boutique builders:

Digital Storm

Founded in 2002, Digital Storm specializes in building high-performance gaming desktop and laptop computers. Headquartered in Fremont, California, Digital Storm is best known for their high-end systems equipped with custom machined cases and completely unique and highly intricate copper-piped water cooling loops.  Digital Storm is also known for building computers with their own custom chips, controllers, and other components. They are also well known for their excellent customer service.Best PC Boutique Builders

CyberPower PC

Is a budget-minded gaming PC company founded in 1998. Whenever you open a game or PC magazine recently you’re bound to see their multi-page, full-color ads everywhere. Unlike the other boutique companies on this list, Cyberpower doesn’t offer their own custom products so much as it offers a PC building and technical support service from a humongous selection of available third-party components. They offer a slew of pre-configured starter models which are further customizable down to the motherboard and case. Their systems are often the least expensive for a particular level of performance.

Best PC Boutique Builders

Origin PC

Founded in 2009 in Miami, Florida by former employees of Alienware, ORIGIN PC assembles high-performance gaming and professional desktop and laptop computers from third-party components, with custom paint and logo options. Soon after the acquisition of Alienware by Dell, former executives Kevin Wasielewski, Richard Cary, and Hector Penton formed ORIGIN PC with the intention to get back to the roots of building custom, high-performance computers for gamers. The company regularly pushes the limits of what you can fit in a PC – managing to cram a fully-functional water cooled Xbox 360 into the same chassis as a high-end gaming PC. They’re famous among high-end computer users for their exceptional customer service, rock-solid warranty, and expert support.

Best PC Boutique Builders

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Falcon Northwest

Falcon Northwest is the elder statesman of boutique builders having been founded in 1992 by its current president, Kelt Reeves. Located in Medford, Oregon, the company began its existence focusing on high-end systems for Flight Simulation with their name, logo, and advertising centering on the F-16 Fighting Falcon US fighter jet. They are known for their extremely high-end service experience as well as innovative cooling systems, custom-machined case designs, and their unique, ultra-high-grade paint jobs.

Best PC Boutique Builders


Founded in 1995 IBuyPower is another budget-oriented PC builder that bears so many similarities to Cyberpower PC – they sell similar products and have similar pricing strategies that it’s worth comparing a product on both websites to see which one is the better deal as prices can vary between the two.

Best PC Boutique Builders



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  1. Great post, John! I love it. Especially after we built those computers in our office. 🙂

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