Why JT Machinima Does Not Create Nintendo Content

Nintendo has been in the news lately as a company that is lagging behind and doesn’t know exactly how to pull itself out of the funk that it happens to find itself in. They can afford to take things at their own pace with huge cash reserves, but the alienation it’s setting in with current generations of gamers could have some negative residual effects.

Why JT Machinima Does Not Create Nintendo Content

Nintendo approaches user generated content revenues in a much more guarded way. This primarily impacts YouTubers making videos of themselves playing Nintendo Games. The company has said that they would split the revenue with the Youtube video creators, by letting them creators retain up to 70% of ad revenue AFTER an application process. The only problem with this is that no other company does this. But then again, no other hardware manufacturer in the video game industry is as behind as Nintendo.

In essence you need to tie your account and commit to Nintendo through an application process. Otherwise anything Nintendo related can be testy and put your channel in hot water. Additionally, they take a cut of a revenue stream that is already heavily reduced (YouTube and your channel network partner take percentages from ad revenues as well.)

Nintendo needs to look at this the way that most of the general public and other game developers think about let’s play videos. Let’s play and other video game related videos act as a different form of entertainment from video games. Video game related videos can even be viewed as a free piece of marketing for the game and the game developers.

Why JT Machinima Does Not Create Nintendo Content

When a company like Nintendo tries to take revenue from YouTube creators, then they lose the respect of the gaming community, and especially the YouTube community. Not only that, but video creators will cut ties with Nintendo because their demands are unreasonable and risky. Instead of trying to make up lost revenue by taxing the loyal fans that actually buy Nintendo games and take the time to stream or record video of themselves playing, they should instead look toward the future and fix the problems from within.

I expect Nintendo to correct this problem and let YouTube creators make videos without having to worry about being taxed. They just made a move to allow famous Nintendo franchises to make the leap to mobile devices, so with any luck that will breathe new life into the company and they will he see how wrong of a decision it is to charge fans to make videos about their games.



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