Best 90’s Cartoons

Calling all 90’s kids! The 90’s were a time remembered for a lot of childhood toys; Wonder Balls, Skip-its and an assortment of other cheesy toys. However, what trumps all things from the 90’s are its Cartoons. Here are our favorites:

Ren & Stimpy:

Nothing was better back in the day than Ren & Stimpy, the foul rude chihuahua and the well mannered cat. Just thinking about this show makes me want to bounce around the room while singing happy happy joy joy. Stimpy always meant well in whatever he did, but Ren would always get so mad at him. Deep down we all know that anything Ren did came from a place of love for his buddy. Who am I kidding, Stimpy probably deserves most of it anyway.Best 90s Cartoons

Cow & Chicken:

Cow & Chicken is another great show from  the 90’s that deserves it’s spot on this list. Who doesn’t love when cow turns into spanish speaking Super Cow. And don’t even get me started on the red dude that is obviously satan who bounces around on his ass as his prefered method of transportation. His carbon footprint must be virtually non-existent.Best 90s Cartoons


Rugrats used to be the go to show for the longest time. Everyone that I know that was around my age loved to watch Tommy Pickles, Chuckie Finster and the rest of the crew get into all kinds of crazy scenarios for a baby. If they could’ve done away with Angelica permanently that would’ve been great, but I think that might be a little too heavy for a show that is centered around babies.Best 90s Cartoons

Johnny Bravo:

I don’t know why I loved this one so much when I was growing up, but I have a feeling I’m not the only one. Johnny Bravo was a super buff blonde dude who always wore a black shirt and shades, and never worked out his legs, giving him that signature top heavy look. He was never a big hit with the ladies, but that wasn’t for a lack of trying, Johnny was just a tad bit too aggressive.Best 90s Cartoons

Dexter’s Laboratory:

Another great show from Cartoon Network, Dexter’s Lab occupied many 90’s kids television time whenever it happened to be on. With Dexter always trying to build some new fangled invention and his sister always screwing things up, it was one of the best shows Cartoon Network had in the 90’s. They even had those shorts mixed in with the super hero monkey which were some of my favorites as a kid.Best 90s Cartoons

Rocko’s Modern Life:

Rocko’s Modern Life was such an awesome show for numerous reasons, and it may well have been ahead of its time. I can still go back and watch episodes of this classic 90’s show and find myself laughing at some of the adult humor that is mixed in that used to fly over my head when I was younger. Oh yeah, and Heffer is the best.Best 90s Cartoons

Beavis & Butthead:

Although we probably shouldn’t have been watching it at such an impressionable age, Beavis and Butthead was the shit. In fact, I submit that it was actually made better by the fact that it wasn’t for kids. Everyone loves doing what they’re not supposed to do, including Beavis and Butthead. You had to deal with some music videos every episode, but for me, it was always about seeing the animation and finding out what those two idiots would get themselves into next

Best 90s Cartoons



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