Best Custom Game Controller Providers

Need a new custom controller for your gaming needs, but not sure who to buy from? Here we’ve compiled a list of our favorite custom game controller providers in order from the just okay to the totally awesome.

Dynamic Essentialz

Dynamic Essentialz controllers aren’t bad by any means, and the price is pretty attractive, considering all of the mods that the custom controllers come equipped with. Try one of their Chrome Series controllers, they look pretty badass. The customization options are a bit more limited than the rest of the custom controller providers on this list, but you may still be able to find something that suits you perfectly.

Best Custom Game Controller Providers

Acidic Gaming

All of the different cosmetic customization options Acidic Gaming has to offer is the perfect combination to give you a truly one of a kind custom controller. From all the colors to the text and splatters that you can apply, you’re sure to have one kickass custom controller when all is said and done. They’re having a summer sale right now, so if you’re interested then head on over to Acidic Gaming’s website.

Best Custom Game Controller Providers

Evil Controllers

Evil Controllers offers a product that I can really get behind. They offer similar custom controller creation to Acidic Gaming, but Evil Controllers goes to 11. They have such cool custom shells for their controllers, including the Zombie Hazard and Nightmare series offered in a variety of colors. That’s perfect for a horror and zombie fan like me.

Best Custom Game Controller Providers

Controller Chaos

Controller Chaos brings the same mods and customization that you’ve come to expect from the previous companies on this list, with a similarly competitive pricing model. My personal favorite offering is the bloodsplatter on a white controller. It just seems so appropriate to play a survival horror game like The Evil Within using a controller with such a design.

Best Custom Game Controller Providers

Scuf Gaming

Scuf Gaming ranks in as our number one custom controller provider on this list for a couple of reasons. The amount of detail that goes into creating their controllers is incredible and the customization possibilities is daunting. Scuf Gaming custom controllers are a little bit more expensive, but you get what you pay for. That’s why 90% of pro gamers choose Scuf Gaming over the all the other custom controller providers that are saturating the market.

Best Custom Game Controller Providers



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