Why a Total War Game is the Perfect Fit for Game of Thrones

Hear us out for a second: What if two amazing series were combined into one epic game full of win? One being the wildly popular HBO television show and book series that goes by the name Game of Thrones. The other is the critically acclaimed RTS video game series Total War by Creative Assembly. Now I’m not only talking about this ultimate mash up just because they are two of my favorite series, but because this crossover could be a match made in gaming heaven.

Why a Total War Game is the Perfect Fit for Game of Thrones

In Game of Thrones we always hear about these epic battles that take place in Westeros, but we rarely get to see them firsthand. Sure, we witnessed the Battle of the Blackwater when Stannis Baratheon and his army attacked the Lannisters at King’s Landing. We also more recently got to see the Battle of Castle Black when the Night’s Watch had to defend against the invading Free Folk, but what about the epic battles that predate the books and show, like the battles of the Greyjoy Rebellion or the battles of Robert’s Rebellion. There are a total of ten epic battles that take place in Robert’s Rebellion alone, so you can see that there is plenty of content to pack into a Total War game.

Why a Total War Game is the Perfect Fit for Game of Thrones

If you don’t really care about the lore of Westeros, then maybe you’d like to talk about the War of the Five Kings, which occurs during the Game of Thrones series. There are nearly 30 battles that take place during the War of the Five Kings, and there are still more to come. If you don’t think that this kind of content would make for an awesome real time strategy game like Total War, then you should stop reading this article right now.

The most recent Total War game is Total War: Attila which launched in February of 2015. The next game in the series, Total War: Warhammer, was announced earlier this year back in April. There hasn’t been a release date given, but they’ve launched a pretty epic announcement trailer for the upcoming title that you should seriously check out if you haven’t already.

Why a Total War Game is the Perfect Fit for Game of ThronesWe’re not the only ones who think this is a perfect match; there’s already been a user created mod that has touched on this exact subject, and it’s called Westeros: Total War.

The known world in Game of Thrones is much larger than Westeros, which is already enormous, but imagine taking your armies across the Narrow Sea and waging war in places like Braavos and Volantis, or even as far as Meereen and Qarth. Hell, we could even play as the Night’s Watch or the Free Folk and take the fight far north beyond the wall. What if you took control of Robb Stark and his army and won the War of the Five Kings? The possibilities are endless.

So that’s our case for a Total War: Game of Thrones video game. What are your thoughts? Would you like to see this epic combo come to light, or have you had enough Game of Thrones for one lifetime? If you just can’t wait for a Game of Thrones Total War mash up, you can always download the mod Westeros: Total War and all of the sub-mods that are available.



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