How to Build a Following on YouTube

Building a successful YouTube channel does not happen overnight and nor does it occur off of one viral success. We don’t have YouTube growth down to a science but here are some helpful things to keep in mind when you start your own channel!

Get the Right Equipment to Look Professional

How To Build A Following on YouTubeHave you ever heard of the phrase “dress for success”? Well the same can be applied to your YouTube channel. If you want to be taken seriously, you can’t upload videos that look like they were filmed with a potato and a baby monitor. You have to show your audience that you care, and that you’re not just trying to be the viral flavor of the week. Invest in a good microphone or high end headset, as well as a camera and high speed internet connection capable of High Definition video capture.

Be Yourself- Find Your Voice

No one wants to watch yet another hack that is just copying a popular YouTube personality’s style. You have to at least try to bring something fresh and unique to your channel. If you’re naturally funny and outgoing then portray it in your videos. If you are a bit more introverted and serious then strive to be more informative. YouTube is truly the best media platform for aspiring actors and filmmakers to showcase their talents, and even the best actors will tell you that you have to know your “type” to be successful in this super competitive industry.

Create Value and Worth With Your Videos

How to Build a Following on YouTubeThis should be self explanatory, and tantamount to the second tip in this article. People enjoy your videos not only for the insight that you give them and the cool shit you blow up, most viewers become repeat audience members because they enjoy your personality. Ask yourself these questions when creating a video; Has this been done before? More than likely it has, but you won’t be the first person that’s been inspired to create videos, and you damn sure won’t be the last. All that really matters is that you enjoy the content that you create. After all, you shouldn’t start YouTubing to become famous, because fame is bogus. If you truly enjoy entertaining your goal should be to interact and receive feedback from your fans.

Be Consistent

This one goes without saying, but if you want to be relevant in the YouTube-sphere, you have to create new content weekly. This is the same exact concept as blogging, and it doesn’t really need much coverage. If you don’t blog once a week you shouldn’t blog at all, and the same can be applied to YouTube and vlogging.

Network and Collaborate

How to Build A Following on YouTubeYou think the biggest YouTube personalities got to where they are today by themselves? Of course not, they reach out to other passionate YouTubers that have shared interests. Even if you think it’s a long shot, you have to at least try to reach out to the YouTubers that you like admire. You may not get a response, but what if you do? YouTube is becoming big business, and business requires networking.

Stick it out for the first year

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will your YouTube channel or fanbase be. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time of course. Sorry for the overused phrases, but they are relevant to the YouTube world. You can’t expect to have every video become a hit right out of the gate, unless your are some viral content guru. If that’s the case then why the hell are your reading this article? If you can be consistent and stick with content creation for the first year, then you’ll most likely be able to tell if what you’re doing works. So many one hit wonders fade into obscurity so just try to make quality content, regardless of the amount of view you get.



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