Best Games to Play When You’re Drunk

If you’re old enough to drink and are a gamer, then you know playing games while drinking or drunk is a whole new experience.  You feel ballsy, you take risks and, dare I say, become better! …that is until you crush your 8th beer or had one too many shots and your skills dwindle to that of a four year old child. But while you’re on top in your drunken stupor and gaming, there’s few things more fun.

[Disclaimer]: This is not to say drinking is a primary cog in the process of having fun or even necessary at all! Respect your country’s drinking laws please! Be safe and smart!

Earth Defense Force:

Best Games to Play When You're DrunkThere are plenty of Earth Defense Force games out there, so just take your pick. Nothing is better than having a few beers with your boys, and then booting up your system for some good old giant alien bug killing. If you know Neil Patrick Harris, or N.P.H. as we call him in the biz, then you have to know of the movie Starship Troopers. In Starship Troopers the space marines are tasked with exterminating giant insectoid creatures to save humanity once and for all from the alien threat. Well just like the series of films, the games have spanned numerous titles on various platforms, and just like the movies they are a blast to experience.  It’s so simple and fun that it’s a must play.

Grand Theft Auto:

Best Games to Play When You're DrunkWhether you like ripping it up in Liberty City in GTA 3, or romping around in GTA Vice City (my personal favorite) leaving nothing behind but destruction in your wake, the Grand Theft Auto series is a good game to turn to when you’re drunk and want to take out your frustrations. I’ve gotta say, Grand Theft Auto 5 is the only GTA that even comes close to Vice City for me personally, and that’s due largely in part to the amazing online co-op. If you don’t play Grand Theft Auto, you’re probably not old enough to drink anyways, so get out of here before I call your parents!

Dynasty Warriors:

Best Games to Play When You're DrunkThere have been far too many Dynasty Warriors games out there, and besides a few exceptions, the games are pretty much all the same. You can have fun by yourself or with a friend as you tear through countless enemies, until you inevitably run into Lü Bu or someone of the same ilk. My personal favorite as of the time of this publication has to be Hyrule Warriors, which combines characters from the Legend of Zelda franchise with the gameplay of a typical Dynasty Warriors game.


Best Games to Play When You're DrunkOh man what can I say about Minecraft that hasn’t already been said by millions of gamers everywhere. Minecraft is such a fun game, even when you aren’t drunk. It’s a game that allows players to build whatever their imaginations can conjure up. Now couple that with copious amounts of your favorite alcoholic beverage and you have even more fun. Sure, your structures may come out a little lopsided, but you can pretend you meant to make it that way in somes type of weird tribute to Salvador Dali or the Leaning Tower.

Anything With That Nostalgia Factor:

Best Games to Play When You're DrunkThis could be any number of games, it just has to be something special to you. Maybe you enjoyed jumping around in Super Mario Bros. 3 or knocking out all the fighters in Mike Tyson’s Punch Out. Perhaps you enjoyed playing the wrestling games that dominated the PlayStation and Nintendo 64, or just enjoy killing your friends in Goldeneye 007. We can even bring it up to new school and say you enjoyed the company of Glados in Portal or Battling it out in Fable or Skyrim. It doesn’t matter what the game is, it just matters that it’s special to you.



3 thoughts on “Best Games to Play When You’re Drunk

  1. Prof.mcstevie

    I think Saints Row would be better when drunk, its more provoking for the drunk mind.

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