Ranking All the Halo Games Ever Made

If you’re an Xbox gamer and want to call yourself an Xbox fanboy, then you better be heavily invested in the Halo franchise to make that statement. There have been no duds so far in the long catalogue of games in the Halo universe and the worst ones on this list do not even stand as “bad” games. However, we felt it was necessary to rank these games so as to look back and quantify how great each iteration was in hindsight. Without further ado, here are all Halo games ranked from worst to best!

Halo: Combat Evolved

Ranking all the Halo Games Ever MadeHalo: Combat Evolved is the game that breathed new life into the FPS genre when it landed as a launch title for Microsoft’s original Xbox. It’s also the first game that introduced us to John 117, more commonly known as Master Chief, a character that has become synonymous with heroes. This is our favorite Halo game because it’s the first time many gamers had the chance to experience the awesomeness of LAN parties!

Halo 3:

I know the chronology of this list may seem a bit off, but that’s just because Halo 3 really was that damn good. We have the introduction of Forge Mode and Theater mode with this iteration and that helped catapult countless things. Thanks to Halo 3, video gaming on YouTube took off, and it fostered and opened people’s eyes to the power that player creativity can have on a game. On top of all that we have the continuation of the great story with a solid single player campaign and the basically perfect online multiplayer.

Halo 2:

Ranking all the Halo Games Ever MadeSo Halo 2 wasn’t as good as Halo 3, big deal. It’s still an amazing game, and the first Halo to introduce dual wielding weapons, something Call of Duty directly borrowed from the series. Halo 2 is also the first Halo game to incorporate Xbox Live Multiplayer. Who can forget late nights playing SWAT mode on Turf, and driving around in a Warthog with your buddies? If you can get around the campaign’s cheesy cliffhanger ending, Halo 2 truly is a masterpiece.

Halo 4:

Even though we all thought Halo 3 was the final chapter in the series in terms of chronology, we were not surprised Microsoft revitalized its cash cow. The Halo series is like General Motors, too damn big to fail. Halo 4 wasn’t made by Bungie (instead by 343 Industries), we all know that, but that doesn’t mean the game suffered because of the switch. Halo fans worldwide were more than eager to get their mits on the latest Master Chief adventure. The graphics were amazing for a game that was made for the Xbox 360, a system that was well into the end of its life cycle.

Halo Wars:

Ranking all the Halo Games Ever MadeI know what you may be thinking, but yes, Halo Wars does deserve its place on this list. It’s the real time strategy game set in the Halo universe that revitalize the RTS genre on consoles. It was Halo from a new perspective and a darn good one too! To the boys at Ensemble Games: You went out with a bang.

Halo Reach:

Halo Reach was Bungie’s last Halo game and they took the lore behind the cataclysmic event leading into Combat Evolved as the game’s subject material. The campaign let you play as a member of a team of Spartans and followed a pyrrhic story arc. The multiplayer in Halo Reach was also the Halo game that began to modernize itself to become more mainstream with the incorporation of classes and “perks” (armor abilities). It was overall, more of the same with just a new setting and subtle art style.

Halo ODST:

Don’t feel bad ODST, some games just have to be at the bottom of the totem pole, right? ODST places you in the role of regular space marines, if there even is such a thing, as you progress through a jumbled mess of a story. Most people just bought the game to gain access to the Halo Reach Multiplayer Beta.

Halo Spartan Assault/Strike:

Not much to say about these games. Spartan Assault  and Spartan Strike are top down arcade style shooters and the only place these belong on this list is at the bottom. I consider these games as filler, something to occupy you with and give gamers their Halo fix until the next great game in the series is released.



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