Top 5 Video Game Musicians

Have you ever been sitting around and randomly thought, “That song that Sam B rapped on the intro of Dead Island was pretty cool, but I think I can do it better,” …well so did these guys. Below we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 video game rappers more commonly referred to as Nerdcore, a super niche genre if there ever was one, that you can find on YouTube (with a shameless plug).


Top 5 Video Game RappersSkullkruncher13 can be found on the JT Machinima YouTube channel and is known for original produced beats. Skullcruncher can usually be found in his natural habitat rapping about the latest and greatest games that catch his attention. A recent example of this is the song he did for Bloodborne, which is especially good. So head on over to YouTube and check him out, and the rest of JT Machinima team while you’re at it.

Skullkruncher13’s Best Track: Evolve Rap Battle – “Hunters vs. Monsters”

Dan Bull:

Top 5 Video Game RappersDan Bull is a British YouTuber who crafts some of the best lyrics on the internet. He’s most famously known on YouTube for his Epic Skyrim (my favorite) and Assassin’s Creed raps, but he does not just rap only about video games- This YouTube rap star also crosses over into topics such as politics, emotional feelings, and the internet in general. Go check out his Skyrim EPIC Rap on YouTube.

Dan Bull’s Best Track: Skyrim Epic Rap


Top 5 Video Game RappersBrysi – The Video Game Song Guy as he likes to be called, is another YouTube personality that blends two of your favorite things together, video games and good music. He started writing songs all the way back when Halo 3 was the hot game on the market, and has over 100 million views on his channel.

Brysi’s Best Track: King of CoD: MW3 Rap


Top 5 Video Game RappersTeamHeadKick is a YouTuber that doesn’t limit himself to the genre of rap. You can find rock style music, as well as a country song about Grand Theft Auto entitled “Cops Are Dicks”. THK’s excels with delivering top notch quality music and beats with professionally mixed tracks. Mason, THK’s singer, has a voice best suited for rock tracks like the Advanced Warfare Rock Song, but is able to carry a song in any genre.

THK’s Best Track: “Make You Bleed” – Assassin’s Creed 2 Rap


Top 5 Video Game RappersTryHardNinja is a YouTube personality that combines his love for video games, mostly Minecraft, and music into some pretty awesome videos. He doesn’t only focus on Minecraft songs though, on his channel you can find songs for Grand Theft Auto V, Call of Duty and other games that he likes to play. I wouldn’t really call him a “rapper” per se, but he still makes great video game inspired music that you definitely give a watch and listen to. You won’t be disappointed.

TryHardNinja’s Best Track: “That Girl is Crafty” A Minecraft Song



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