5 Reasons Star Wars Battlefront Will Not Disappoint

5 Reasons Star Wars Battlefront Will Not DisappointThe Battlefront series has been remembered as a classic entry into the long list of Star Wars video games. The first two installments were able to put gamers into the biggest battles from the films and gave them a chance to play out their Star Wars fantasies. This immersion is what made the games successful originally and is what DICE aims to do with the latest installment. As more information comes available, red flags have arisen and causes for concern become more prevalent.

However, we feel that people are jumping to conclusions without seeing more than 5% of the game. Yet until we learn more, the public will continue to worry. To help put it into perspective and remind you why this game will be great, we’ve compiled five reasons you can rest assured until E3.

You’re in the Movies

Why do we play video games? Easy answer: to escape to another world. With Star Wars Battlefront you have that and you also have the chance to escape into your favorite movie moments from the last 40 years! The graphics for the upcoming iteration are out of this world (space pun intended) and really bring new meaning to “Next-Gen.” What better way to get lost in the Star Wars universe than photo realistic graphics?

Tried and True Concepts

The changes and unpopular quirks being made to the game aren’t a cause for concern. DICE is sticking to proven formulas of the original Battlefront games (albeit the player count is lower, more on that later) and their Battlefield games. Here are examples of each:

Drawing from Battlefront: Quite simply the 3rd-person aspect is a direct lineage to the original games and something I’m happy to hear as a fan of the OG Battlefronts. Fans should want this to be a third installment of the series that fits in and not a reskinned Battlefield game. The lack of ADS is fine too for the same reasons. Why not keep core mechanics from the originals? I’m down.

Drawing from DICE’s Battlefield Experience: The new AT-AT escort game variant is clearly a Rush inspired game mode and will featured hectic concentrated action. This should serve as an example of the game being designed around its player count.

5 Reasons Star Wars Battlefront Will Not Disappoint

Sound Design

We have here two entities known for their sound design with DICE and the Star Wars brand.  Heck, even the prequel films stood out in their sound design (and that may be the best part about them!). Sound is always the forgotten medium in most media arts these days. I suggest you slap on some Turtle Beaches and see what you’ve been missing the next time you game.  You will then realize how big this pairing is and how much it will add to Star Wars Battlefront 3.

Non-restrained Class Customization

There will be no classes in Star Wars Battlefront. “But…how does that work?” You ask. Well simply put; you make your own classes.  Nothing is stopping you from creating classes that fall into the usual archetypes, which leaves this design decision to be of no consequence to purests. What this feature does do is that it allows for creation of off the wall classes; a sniper/medic hybrid can be created or even a mechanic with support capabilities.

There’s Too Much Riding On It

The new Star Wars Battlefront will not be a disappointment for the simple fact that it can’t afford to be. EA and DICE both know that failure is not an option.  DICE is one of EA’s best developers (the developers of the Battlefield franchise no less) and the franchise is surely in good hands. 40 players to a match? That doesn’t bother me for the simple reason that the game will be designed to facilitate that. Think Titanfall; people had all sorts of issues about the game’s player count when it was announced.  When the game came out, no one cared- because the design was sound and fit.

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  1. CreativeRhino

    Great read. Very similar to the post I’ve just wrote, which gives a reason and rationale to a few negative statements that have arisen from the community.

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