Why a Total War Game is the Perfect Fit for Game of Thrones

Why a Total War Game is the Perfect Fit for Game of Thrones

Hear us out for a second: What if two amazing series were combined into one epic game full of win? One being the wildly popular HBO television show and book series that goes by the name Game of Thrones. The other is the critically acclaimed RTS video game series Total War by Creative Assembly. Now I’m not only talking about this ultimate mash up just because they are two of my favorite series, but because this crossover could be a match made in gaming heaven.

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How Purchasing a Video Game Has Changed

How Purchasing a Video Game Has Changed

I’m a first generation video gamer – I started in the 70’s with my first console being the Coleco Telstar and I graduated from there to an Atari VCS and then onward and upward through my Commodore Vic-20, C-64, countless PC’s, NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, Sony PlayStation, all the way to the current (eighth) generation consoles. I’ve been playing and purchasing video games for decades now and I still get excited when anticipating a new major release but the buying experience has changed a lot over the years.

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Best Virtual Worlds in the Gaming Universe

Best Virtual Worlds in the Gaming Universe

Every video gamer at one time or another, be they casual or hardcore, has had the fantasy of being inside the game world they’re playing – whether they’re in the middle of a high speed chase on the streets of San Andreas or fending off a pirate boarding party on the high seas of the Caribbean. The more immersive the game world, the more we gamers start to feel like we’re living that fantasy. The best of these immersive game worlds pull us in and never let go and we spend countless hours admiring the scenery exploring.  Here is our list of the Best Virtual Worlds in the Gaming Universe:

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Best Video Capture Cards on the Market

Best Video Capture Cards on the Market

Want to start recording gameplay and posting it on YouTube? Well what you’ll need first is a video capture card or device. Video capture cards work by decoding the video signal from the source the viewer is watching or using, recording it, and allowing it to be stored for future viewing or editing. The video capture cards on this list represent my picks for the best on the market and all are extremely user-friendly, easy to operate, and technologically powerful:

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The 6 Best Games to Play with Your Girlfriend

The 6 Best Games to Play with Your Girlfriend

Not every girl you date or meet is going to be a “gamer girl” who plays World of Warcraft or drops nasty 360 no-scopes in Call of Duty. Like us, we are avid gamers and will want to find a way to share this love of videogames with our significant others. To help you out we’ve compiled a list of games that we have found to be fun to play with non-gamer lady friends!

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Best Untapped Video Game Settings

Best Untapped Video Game Settings

Some call it the game world or the environment but whatever you call it, the game’s setting is one of the single most important aspects of a game as it influences every other part of its development.  Everything is developed and nuanced around the game’s setting, whether that’s historically accurate or fantastically fictional. Just having a great setting is nothing if these other aspects of game development don’t flesh out the chosen setting and provide a rich and complex narrative within it. Plenty of settings have been rehashed and recycled leaving many of us wanting a breath of fresh air. So here is our list of the Best Untapped Video Game Settings:

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