Why is Five Nights at Freddy’s so Popular?

Why is Five Nights at Freddy’s so Popular?

The Five Nights at Freddy’s series puts you in the role of a security guard keeping watch of a local pizza place overnight. Your goal is to stay alive until the morning, and ultimately to survive five nights in a row – hence the name. That doesn’t sound too bad you say? Well, when you add in the fact that you share the night-shift with a bunch of creepy animatronic killers, the tension level ratchets up tenfold.

The original Five Nights at Freddy’s made its debut on the video game distribution service Desura and Steam last year, where it became very popular. The game eventually grew in popularity so much, that creator Scott Cawthon gets hundreds of emails every hour and ultimately released the second game a few months after the original and now a third installment has just been released, all within the span of a year. So why is Five Nights at Freddy’s so popular?

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Game Franchises That Need to Be Revisited

Game Franchises That Need to Be Revisited

Every now and again video game developers manage to create captivating and original game properties – sometimes involving a beautifully designed environment, unique and fun gameplay, or thought-provoking storyline, or in some rare cases, all of the above. All too often however, because of creative differences, budgetary problems, conflicting egos, or some other problem, these fun to play, compelling game properties fade into the background, never to be expanded or developed further.

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Best PC Boutique Builders

Best PC Boutique Builders

The average person is likely to purchase their PC’s from the more mainstream vendors such as Dell or Lenovo. However, power users who want something more — or who have very specific ideas of what they want without the time to actually build it themselves — may turn to smaller, independent vendors who can accommodate high-performance, individually designed systems. These vendors are popularly known as boutique builders. Here is my list of some of the best PC boutique builders:

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Why JT Machinima Does Not Create Nintendo Content

Nintendo has been in the news lately as a company that is lagging behind and doesn’t know exactly how to pull itself out of the funk that it happens to find itself in. They can afford to take things at their own pace with huge cash reserves, but the alienation it’s setting in with current generations of gamers could have some negative residual effects.

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