Best PC Boutique Builders

Best PC Boutique Builders

The average person is likely to purchase their PC’s from the more mainstream vendors such as Dell or Lenovo. However, power users who want something more — or who have very specific ideas of what they want without the time to actually build it themselves — may turn to smaller, independent vendors who can accommodate high-performance, individually designed systems. These vendors are popularly known as boutique builders. Here is my list of some of the best PC boutique builders:

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Why JT Machinima Does Not Create Nintendo Content

Nintendo has been in the news lately as a company that is lagging behind and doesn’t know exactly how to pull itself out of the funk that it happens to find itself in. They can afford to take things at their own pace with huge cash reserves, but the alienation it’s setting in with current generations of gamers could have some negative residual effects.

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Why a Total War Game is the Perfect Fit for Game of Thrones

Why a Total War Game is the Perfect Fit for Game of Thrones

Hear us out for a second: What if two amazing series were combined into one epic game full of win? One being the wildly popular HBO television show and book series that goes by the name Game of Thrones. The other is the critically acclaimed RTS video game series Total War by Creative Assembly. Now I’m not only talking about this ultimate mash up just because they are two of my favorite series, but because this crossover could be a match made in gaming heaven.

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