Music Video Updates

We have had THREE new music videos for you guys over the past two weeks!  First, we have the long over due “Team Fortress 2 Rap.”  This is followed by a wonderful Star Wars themed collab with THK and Smash Bit! Last but not least is a “Herobrine Rap”!!!

Wolfenstein and Watch_Dogs Raps!

Each of the last two week’s big releases got the song treatment from JT Machinima and here they are!  The Wolfenstein Rap is completely new and the Watch_Dogs Rap is a remixed version of the original we submitted to Machinima Respawn.


We’re proud to bring this music video to you guys.  A lot of work went into this video and has been in the works for months.  Hope you all enjoy!

JT Machinima is truly humbled to work with such incredible musicians. Big kudos to both Teamheadkick and Borderline Disasters.  Support them and check out their videos below ours!!!

Song is also available to download HERE!

THK Video

Borderline Disaster Video